Denying other human beings health care and a haven based on their country of origin is simply wrong. ‘No real refuge in Canada for some refugees,' Globe and Mail (15 June 2012).

Philip Berger, Bernie Farber and Clayton Ruby

JRAN Members

Honorary Members

  • Stephen Lewis, Honorary Canadian Co-Chair

  • Michele Landsberg, Honorary Canadian Co-Chair

Board Members

  • Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld, founder of JRAN

  • Ken Rosenberg, Chair

  • Maureen Silcoff

  • Mary Jo Leddy

  • Noa Mendelsohn Aviv

  • Dr. Philip Berger

  • Bernie M Farber

  • Mitchell Goldberg

  • Valerie Hyman

  • Audrey Macklin

  • Anna Porter

  • Gabriela Ramo

  • Avrum Rosensweig

  • Jon Telch

  • Rivka Augenfeld

  • Cynthia Levine-Rasky

  • David Berger

  • Mira Oreck

  • Hesh Troper

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