Denying other human beings health care and a haven based on their country of origin is simply wrong. ‘No real refuge in Canada for some refugees,' Globe and Mail (15 June 2012).

Philip Berger, Bernie Farber and Clayton Ruby


Mar 6, 2015

This coming election, pledge fairness for refugees


With a federal election coming soon, JRAN is asking candidates from all parties to take the following pledge to promote fairness for refugees:

As a member of Parliament following the next election, I pledge to work on laws and regulations that will: 

- treat refugees with dignity, by restoring full access to health services

- treat refugees fairly, by reviewing and improving the current refugee determination process

- treat refugees with compassion, by intervening more aggressively to provide assistance to refugees from Syria and other crisis zones

-  treat refugees equally, by refusing to discriminate based on religious or national origin

Please send completed pledge forms back to Chris Holcroft, consultant to JRAN, at We will be regularly updating our members as well as supporters in the Jewish community and beyond on the status of this initiative and the names of those candidates who have taken the pledge.

Thank you for your support.

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