Denying other human beings health care and a haven based on their country of origin is simply wrong. ‘No real refuge in Canada for some refugees,' Globe and Mail (15 June 2012).

Philip Berger, Bernie Farber and Clayton Ruby


It is time to take a stand against all the bogus rhetoric about bogus refugees. Our current Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Chris Alexander, has unfortunately taken a shine to making frequent use of the pejorative, inflammatory and meanin... Read More

Peter Kent's article "The Truth About Canada's Immigration System" published in the Huffington Post March 6, 2014, has left me quite shocked, beginning with the headline itself. We have two very different systems according to the Canadian laws th... Read More

MONTREAL -- While the other kids in daycare took their naps together in the warm, comfy room, Nadya Szabo was sent into the hallway to sleep on the floor, right next to the bathroom. At school, even if Nadya would get most of the answers on the ... Read More

In a recent press release, Citizenship and Immigration Canada made several troubling assertions about federal policies towards refugees. First, the government claims "In 2011, there were approximately 6,300 asylum claims from EU countries -- more... Read More

It is disappointing Alexander has abandoned so many facts in his latest defence of the government’s refugee policies. Experts in the fields of law and medicine as well as frontline service providers to refugees have consistently pointed out... Read More

Once again political rhetoric has clouded the debate around the health of refugees. The victims of the world’s global conflicts have been rebranded by the federal government as conniving criminals and bogus asylum seekers. On June 30, 20... Read More

After being described in your newspaper as “callous” and “slogan-spouting” (Carol Goar, in the online version of her Jan. 26 column) for objecting to Ontario’s offer of health care to failed refugee claimants, as wel... Read More

Jan 31, 2014

I had to think long and hard about writing a piece on my impressions of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trip to Israel. After all, when I merely posted a few articles about the trip, some mildly critical, to my Facebook page, the avalanche ... Read More

OTTAWA — Dr. Meb Rashid says the Afghan woman he works with is exactly the kind of refugee Canada welcomes. She fled to this country after receiving death threats for her work with women there, he explains. But, contrary to repeated assuranc... Read More

OTTAWA — As tensions heat up over federal cuts to refugee health coverage, the Canadian Medical Association Journal has weighed in with a scathing editorial that calls them “medically irrational” and “economically irrespon... Read More

Jan 23, 2014

CBC Radio Metro Morning interview with Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander Read More

The number of people claiming refugee status in Canada reached what Ottawa calls a “historic low” in 2013 after it brought in changes to speed up the program by deterring applicants from safer countries. The changes remain unpopular wi... Read More

A week after Ontario began providing health care to many refugees, the federal government has firmly closed the door on either restoring the program it cut 18 months ago, or helping to pay for it. Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews has said she... Read More

How is it that in Canada, once a world-renowned haven for those fleeing persecution in their homeland, refugees have become a boogeyman? Earlier this month when Ontario instated basic temporary health care for refugee claimants in the province... Read More

TORONTO — A few weeks ago, when Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau addressed the congregation at the Beth Tikvah Synagogue as part of its Visions for Canada series, he suggested a question should be posed to Chris Alexander, the next in lin... Read More

On Jan. 1, Ontario joined five other Canadian provinces in providing some basic health care coverage to refugee claimants in Ontario. This is welcome and overdue. The Ontario decision comes 18 months after the federal government abruptly slashed ... Read More

By: Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Published on Tue Dec 17 2013 Ottawa has breached international laws and the Charter of Rights by reducing and eliminating refugees’ access to basic health care, a refugee advocate told the Fede... Read More

How is it possible that in Canada in 2013 “Sanctuary,” a medieval concept of Church protection, is still necessary? As we reflect on today, International Human Rights Day, we must also contemplate the fact that desperate, stateless peo... Read More

Canada must open doors that have closed to refugees Protesters gather in opposition to federal government cuts to refugee health services on Parliament Hill this summer. Published on Tue Dec 10 2013 Dec. 10 celebrates internati... Read More

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