Denying other human beings health care and a haven based on their country of origin is simply wrong. ‘No real refuge in Canada for some refugees,' Globe and Mail (15 June 2012).

Philip Berger, Bernie Farber and Clayton Ruby


There is an ancient Jewish folktale which tells of a man visiting hell and being amazed to find its inhabitants all seated at long tables with fancy tablecloths, beautiful silverware and delicious food in front of them. Yet no one was eating. They... Read More

With Cabinet shuffles come opportunities and the latest by Prime Minister Stephen Harper is no exception. Jason Kenney has long held positions in the Cabinet that were focused on Canada’s diversity. Beginning as the Secretary of State for M... Read More

To many of the world’s refugees Canada represents a place of safety and asylum. But closer to home, some critics say the compassion and humanitarianism that once undergirded Canada’s refugee system no longer exists. In 1986, Canada a... Read More

For decades, we have heard stories about immigrants with PhDs driving taxis, MDs doing clerical work, and chefs working as dishwashers. One of the most oft-cited justifications for this widespread and increasing difficulty immigrants have in findi... Read More

Roma protesters march in Hungary against discrimination. Progressive laws and generous benefits have long made Canada a haven for refugees. But the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been raising the drawbridge with laws ... Read More

To view the full PDF document click here. If there are bogus refugees in Canada, the Roma aren’t likely to be among them. The latest evidence comes from a report by the United Nations Children’s Fund. It states that the Roma are at gr... Read More

Canada’s Jewish community is taking steps to do more to help Roma and other immigrants fleeing persecution. The memory of Canada’s “none is too many” doctrine was invoked on June 5, when members of Toronto’s Jewish ... Read More

On June 18, the Toronto Board of Rabbis (TBR), wrote a powerful letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They asked the federal government to cancel its plans to cut basic medication for refugees. They also spoke out against the idea of designatin... Read More

May 26, 2013

I just returned from a Baptism celebration for a Roma child. This family wants to stay in Canada, but since the time they arrived, they have been swindled by a “refugee agent,” handcuffed in front of their children and schlepped off to... Read More

Canadian Ambassador to Hungary Tamara Guttman and CIJA board member Moshe Ronen address Canadian delegation to WJC Plenary in Budapest. The Canadian delegation that attended the World Jewish Congress (WJC) plenary in Budapest May 5 to 7 remains co... Read More

by  on May 6th, 2013 A group of activists unveiled five new stones memorializing non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust at Sheepshead Bay’s Holocaust Memorial Park this weekend, capping off nearly two decades of fighting for the right a... Read More

On Saturday, the former chief executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Bernie Farber, tweeted: "Large anti-Semitic rally in Hungary by Fascist, Jobbik Party. Same Hungary that Immigration Min Kenny says is a safe country." Hungary's rising and ... Read More

TORONTO (JTA) — A Jewish television host in Canada apologized for a rant against the Roma people during a segment titled "The Jews versus the gypsies." Ezra Levant of the Sun TV network referred on Monday to the segment last September as "a... Read More

VANCOUVER — Canada placed Israel on a list of "safe" countries whose citizens are unlikely to seek asylum as refugees. The move by Canada is considered a show of confidence in Israel. Though it places stricter regulations on Israeli asylum s... Read More

Feb 1, 2013

Human rights organizations such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center are documenting an increase in violence and vandalism against the Roma and Jewish community of Hungary. Many Roma fearing for their families’ lives have arrived in Canada in an a... Read More

UPDATE – Canada is taking a proactive role in dissuading Hungarian and Roma asylum-seekers from choosing it as a place of refuge. A month-long $13,000 billboard, bus-shelter and radio ad campaign by the Canadian embassy in Budapest targeting... Read More

On Sept. 25, 2006, seven days after arriving as an intern at the European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest, Hungary, I was given an opportunity to attend a roundtable discussion at the Central European University hosted by the Canadian government an... Read More

Some call the Nazi persecution of the Gypsies “the forgotten Holocaust.” According to Toby Sonneman, the author of Shared Sorrows: A Gypsy Family Remembers the Holocaust, “this story still has not been told fully… and this... Read More

  The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre (MHMC) is urging the Canadian government to remove Hungary and possibly other eastern European countries from the list of designated “safe” countries of origin created by the new Protecting... Read More

MONTREAL — The Kleinmann Family Foundation (KFF), which since 1995 has sponsored educational activities on the Holocaust and the dangers of prejudice, has turned its attention to the plight of the Roma. With Concordia University, the KFF org... Read More

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