One of the most exciting and innovative social justice initiatives to emerge in Canada this past year has been the formation of the Jewish Refugee Action Network

Gina Csanyi-Robah

Overview of JRAN's concerns

Since 2012, significant changes have been made to Canada’s treatment of refugees.  For decades, Canada’s refugee system worked towards protecting people in danger and other humanitarian goals.  The new changes, however, do the following: discriminate between individuals based on their country of origin or how they arrived in Canada; create serious challenges in the refugee determination process, which could lead in some cases to the deportation of individuals to their home countries and a real risk of persecution or worse; and limit certain humanitarian protections.  In addition, since 2012, a half century's old system of providing healthcare coverage to people seeking refugee status has been cut, thereby stranding thousands of people who are lawfully in Canada without emergency or life-saving healthcare.

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